Impressions start with the eye
Impressions start with the eye

Cosmetic Ptosis Surgery

Although its cause is often unclear, the most common reason for developing ptosis is improper functioning of the levator muscle, a major muscle responsible for elevating the upper lid.  Some people are born with a droopy eyelid but more commonly is a result of aging, trauma or muscular or neurologic disease.  Our doctors frequently treat ptosis by reattaching stretched muscles to their proper, anatomic location, restoring the natural position and contour of the upper eyelid.  Surgery is performed either through a hidden eyelid crease incision or from the back side of the eyelid, which leaves no visible external scar.  

Dr. Patipa and Dr. Connor treat ptosis by reattaching stretched muscles to their proper location, shortening the congenitally non-developed levator muscle or utilizing a “sling” which enables the forehead to elevate the eyelid in cases where the levator muscle does not function due to neurologic or medical cause.

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