Impressions start with the eye
Impressions start with the eye

Forehead or Eyebrow Lift

No body part is immune to the effects of gravity or aging. The upper face, including the eyebrows, ultimately falls with time. This creates low-set eyebrows and very heavy upper eyelids. The effect tends to give women a fatigued or angry appearance while it makes men appear old and tired.
Brow lift surgery restores the upper face to its original, youthful position. This procedure opens the area of the eyes, making a person appear more alive and vibrant. It is frequently combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures. 
This surgery can be performed through tiny incisions, using an endoscope (medical telescope). Brow lifts are performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic with twilight anesthesia.

Our doctors are experts at recongnizing and surgically correcting a droopy eyebrow based on the individual's desires and expectations. 


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