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Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid bags are not unusual and often occur from advancing age, eyelid swelling, allergies, certain medical conditions, and hereditary influences. In addition, the lower eyelids frequently develop fine wrinkles and crepey skin over time, both of which further contribute to an aged appearance. For individuals bothered by these cosmetic concerns, lower eyelid surgery can often be an effective solution.

Also called lower blepharoplasty, lower eyelid surgery is an aesthetic treatment that removes excess skin and bags while tightening the lower lids for a rejuvenated, more refreshed appearance. Considered technically demanding from a surgical standpoint, the procedure typically requires the expertise of a highly qualified and experienced surgeon to yield excellent results.

Our extensively trained oculoplastic surgeon—Michael Connor, MD—is regarded as one of South Florida’s foremost experts in lower blepharoplasty, having helped numerous patients achieve the look and function they desire in the eye region. To learn more about lower eyelid surgery and Dr. Connor’s approach, please take a look at the informative sections below, or contact our practice today to book a consultation.

How Is Lower Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Dr. Connor usually performs lower blepharoplasty through small incisions hidden in the natural folds of the eyelid; however, if only fatty tissue needs to be removed, the surgery can often be conducted using a technique that requires no stitches. Typically during treatment, extra fat is carefully removed, and the remaining fatty tissue is sculpted until an ideal contour is achieved. When extra skin and wrinkles are present, Dr. Connor meticulously removes a small amount of skin while ensuring not to over-excise lower eyelid tissue, which could lead to unsatisfactory aesthetic and functional results. Many patients also elect to have their cheeks and midface addressed at the same time as lower blepharoplasty. This can often be performed through the same incisions, resulting in a rejuvenated midface without any extra scars.

On average, lower eyelid surgery takes approximately one to two hours to complete, depending on whether it is performed alone or in combination with upper blepharoplasty and/or midfacial rejuvenation. As an outpatient procedure, patients are typically able to return home with the help of a friend or family member on the same day as their operation.

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What Is the Lower Blepharoplasty Recovery Process Like?

Following lower eyelid surgery, the majority of individuals can expect some swelling and/or bruising in the treatment area, but these side effects are temporary and should diminish with time. Any discomfort experienced can usually be controlled with medication if necessary, though a notable degree of pain is uncommon. Most patients look and feel well enough to return to normal, non-strenuous daily routines within one week; however, Dr. Connor generally advises that all intense exercise, physical sports, and other vigorous activities be avoided for several weeks to help ensure proper healing.

What Does Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Like most cosmetic procedures, pricing for lower blepharoplasty is unique to each individual. Some of the most common elements that can influence total cost include the the quantity of fat and/or skin removal needed, the specific technique utilized, and whether or not the procedure is combined with complementary treatments.

When choosing a doctor for lower eyelid surgery, it is imperative to understand that the fee a surgeon charges is often a good indication of their training, skill, and overall experience. As a result, the decision to select a particular eyelid surgeon should not be made based on cost alone—particularly for such a technically challenging procedure.

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