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Revisional Surgery

Any surgical procedure may have unexpected results. Patients from around the world are frequently referred to our practice for treatment to correct eyelid complications following cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Michael Connor has published many scientific articles and has spoken at medical conferences throughout the world on the correction of eyelid problems such as excessive tearing, round eyes, eyelid asymmetry, and scarring following cosmetic surgery.

Eyelids exist to protect the eye. Eyelid distortion or malposition following cosmetic surgery can lead to dry eye, irritation, red eyes, tearing, discharge, or even severe eye infections. Many of our referrals come from other physicians who understand the subspecialty of oculoplastic surgery. Eyelid reconstruction following complications of cosmetic surgery is tedious and requires an immense understanding of eyelid mechanics. Patients are frequently referred to our practice by plastic surgeons.

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If you have already undergone cosmetic surgery and are unhappy with the appearance of your eyelids or have dry or red eyes, tearing, blurry vision, and/or difficulty closing the eyes, contact our practice today for a consultation.