Impressions start with the eye
Impressions start with the eye

Ptosis Repair

Patients with ptosis are often told they look tired or fatigued.  The eyelid position may fluctuate throughtout the day and affect one's ability to read or drive.  Ptosis is occassionally a symptom of an underlying medical condition and should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.  Ptosis can affect one or both eyelids and may fluctuate throughout the day. 


Ptosis can be addressed with a minor, outpatient surgical procedure.  Our doctors can perfrom this without making a skin incision.  Occasionally, for large amounts of ptosis, a small, hidden, skin incision is made in the eyelid crease. Your insurance company may cover ptosis repair surgery if the ptosis signiciantly inhibits your ability to function.  However, strict guidelines exist and insurance companies will not pay for cosmetic eyelid surgery. 


If you are affected by ptosis, schedule a consultation with one of our physicians to discuss surgical options and to see if you are a surgical candidate. 

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