Impressions start with the eye
Impressions start with the eye

Trauma- Orbital & Facial Fractures

The orbit is comprised of 4 boney walls designed to the protect the eye from trauma.  Trauma may include laceration or damage to the skin and soft tissues of the face and eyelids or fractures of the facial or orbital bones. Orbital trauma is commonly seen with facial trauma. Management of midfacial trauma requires in depth knowledge of the orbital anatomy.  Our doctors repair most orbital fractures through an inceision hidden behind the lower eyelid. 


Another common referral to our practice is complications following repair of traumatic orbital and facial fractures.  Scarring, double vision, asymmetry, sinking in or bulging of the eye can occur following repair and these symptoms can often be fixed.  Evaluation by an orbital specialist wil provide you the best opportunity for a great outcome. 


Our surgeons see trauma patients from all over the country and receive reconstructive consultations from all over the world.   We also treat numerous athelets of all ages who have sustained facial or orbital fractures.  If you have an orbital or facial fracture, or have had surgery for an orbital or facial fracture and are experiening a problem contact our office for a consultation

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