Impressions start with the eye
Impressions start with the eye

Inability to Close the Eye

Our eyelids exists to protect the eye.  The blinking function bathes the surface of the eye with tears.  The eyelids should meet with every blink and should remain closed throughout the night while sleeping.  Nerve damage from Bell's palsy, trauma and previous cosemtic eyelid surgery can all lead to problems with proper eyelid clsoure.  Corneal exposure can lead to a severe eye infection. 


Treatment for eyelids that do not close can be as simple as artificial tears and lubrication at bedtime. Eyelid surgery can restore the natural position of the eyelid and therefore improve the ability of the eyelids to close.  This can be done for eyelid retraction due to Graves disease or previous cosmetic surgery, ectropion or eyelid paralysis.  In severe cases of eyelid retraction following an aggressive blepharoplasty a skin graft may be required.  A gold weight can be placed in the upper eyelid to allow it to completely close.  Lower eyelid retraction sometimes requires use of a supporting structure on the back of the eyelid such as hard palate or ear cartilage.


Our doctors perform several surgeries a week for eyelid retraction.  Contact our practice today to see how they can help you. 

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