An Expert At His Craft: How Michael Connor Perfected the Art of Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Connor is recognized as one of the only 500 oculoplastic surgeon subspecialists in the United States.

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It’s not often that one comes across a person who has dedicated their life, attention, and focus to a singular niche service that moves and changes industries worldwide. In order for us to remove all distractions and really hone in on that one calling, it requires immense dedication and commitment, every single day, for years.

It’s this very dedication that has led Dr. Michael Connor to where we find him today. As the owner of Oculoplastic & Orbital Consultants, a premier practice in south Florida for cosmetic eyelid surgery, Dr. Connor is recognized as one of the only 500 oculoplastic surgeon subspecialists in the United States. He is also regarded as a leader in the cosmetic industry when it comes to rejuvenating the mid and upper face.

Dr. Michael Connor

Truly an Expert

As countless news articles have proclaimed in regards to Dr. Connor, “he is truly an expert in eyelid surgery.” Performing thousands of eyelid procedures every year on patients, who travel from all over the world to work with him, Dr. Connor has perfected the art of upper and lower eyelid surgery, as well as cosmetic brow lifting procedures. His number one aim through all of his services is to provide his clients with a natural, refreshed, and individualized approach that considers all of the details and intricacies of their face.

“Many people don’t realize that eyelids are defining features on our faces, and can be the source of a variety of facial problems,” said Dr. Connor. “People will end up sitting down for long, expensive surgeries and services that just don’t work, because they are failing to address the root problem: the eyelids. When I work with my clients, I listen to what is truly bothering them and oftentimes, I can show them subtle changes on the upper and lower eyelid that are contributing to their tired or aged appearance.”

No stranger to patching up plastic surgery messes, Dr. Connor’s practice dedicates an exceptional amount of time to repairing botched eyelid surgeries from other practices. He has unfortunately discovered that far too many doctors approach eyelid surgery as one of their many specialties, not realizing it deserves to be its own niche focus. The eyelids are less forgiving than other parts of the body.

“Faces are incredible works of art, comprised of natural lines and contours that seamlessly work together to create the image we see every day,” said Dr. Connor. “When some of those lines are askew or sagging, it can throw off the entire presentation. That’s why I work, first and foremost, to enhance each client’s own natural features. I work with what made that person beautiful in the first place.”

A Lifelong Commitment

Dr. Connor has expanded his repertoire over the years, now also offering injectables, including neurotoxins and dermal fillers. He has also been integral in the creation of Scarology, which has become the most effective, at-home scar therapy sold and distributed around the world.

Dr. Connor is known for investing every step of his journey into his perfection as a cosmetic eyelid surgeon. He creates a thorough and personalized surgical plan and provides every patient with his personal cell phone. He knows that any surgery can be scary, which is why he goes above and beyond for his patients.

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Dr. Michael Connor receives International referrals for his eyelid surgical service

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An Expert At His Craft: How Michael Connor Perfected the Art of Eyelid Surgery

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One of Only 500 Oculoplastic Surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Michael Connor, is Changing Lives Everywhere


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