Taking care of your skin can be really difficult due to the number of treatments out on the market today. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, you may be tempted to just buy an ordinary cream or serum and get it over with. At Oculoplastic & Orbital Consultants, our dedicated staff is here to make things less complicated by offering our comprehensive ICON™ Laser treatments. We provide skin renewal, skin rejuvenation and ThreeForMe treatment options to help you look your best. The ICON™ is a powerful, multi-functional laser designed to tackle stretch marks, age spots, and other imperfections all in one go while providing beautiful results with little downtime.

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What Is the ICON™ Laser?

While some skin care products can help sustain the appearance of your skin, the ICON™ laser can provide more immediate results via thorough skin exfoliation, scar reduction, tightening, and more. In addition, The ICON™ laser treatment is different from surgery in that it carries little risk and can be done quickly without anesthetic. With a proper treatment, you can get the beautiful results you want and be ever close to reaching your beauty goals.

Who Can Benefit From Treatments?

Adults of all ages and genders are eligible for the ICON™ laser treatment. Those struggling with hyperpigmentation, acne, and other similar issues tend to be quite happy with their treatment results. If you are ready to tackle these concerns and get the beautiful skin you deserve, we encourage you to request an appointment at our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida center today.

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How Does Treatment Work?

The ICON™ laser is a revolutionary device that offers skin renewal, skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging benefits, all in one go. The ICON™ Skin Renewal treatment reduces sun damage, stretch marks, and surgical scarring. The Skin Revitalization focuses on freckles, rosacea, and brown spots. Finally, The ICON™ ThreeForMe attachment fast-tracks natural skin healing while eliminating wrinkles, facial veins, and uneven complexion. These three treatments work via fractional laser technology, delivering specialized pulses of light and promoting healthy skin generation.

How Can the ICON™ Laser Help?

The ICON™ Laser’s comprehensive modalities can address a wide range of skin concerns all at once. This laser is an excellent treatment choice for acne, scarring, uneven pigmentation caused by sun damage, and chronic conditions such as rosacea. The best thing about the ICON™ is that it requires no post-treatment downtime. Additionally, the use of non-irritating cosmetics is completely acceptable following your visit.

Treatment Expectations

In most cases, a series of 3-4 treatments is required to achieve the best skin care results. However, this range is dependent on your specific concerns and treatment needs. Most pigment spots can be treated within the mentioned time frame, each session being held a month apart. However, acne scar reduction typically takes 3-6 sessions to complete. Follow-up sessions should be scheduled 3-6 weeks apart to allow for proper skin recovery and additional progress assessments.

Recovery After Using the Laser ICON™

Your ICON™ laser session may cause some mild swelling, redness, and temporary darkening of the skin. These side effects are completely normal and usually subside in 2-24 hours after your visit. In some cases, these side effects may last 3-5 days. Gentle cleansing and the use of non-irritating cosmetics is allowed after treatment. It is important to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen SPF 45 or higher until your skin fully heals. Once your skin is healed, you will notice a visible improvement in smoothness, texture, and color. Your skin will look radiant!

How Much Do ICON™ Treatments Cost?

General price estimates for commonly treated areas such as the face start from $500. Chest treatments usually cost $600, while neck treatments tend to be less expensive at $75. These prices may vary based on your particular needs and goals. Prior to committing to an ICON™ treatment, we recommend coming in for a consultation.

Does Insurance Cover This Treatment?

ICON™ treatments are typically considered cosmetic procedures and are therefore not covered by most insurance carriers. However, this is subject to your particular condition and coverage type. We recommend contacting your insurance provider and discussing your treatment needs with our staff prior to committing to a session.

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ICON™ Treatments in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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