Forehead/Brow Lift

No body part is immune to the effects of gravity or aging. The upper face, including the eyebrows, ultimately falls with time. This can create prominent forehead creases, low-set eyebrows, and very heavy upper eyelids. The effect tends to give women a fatigued or angry appearance, while it makes men appear old and tired.

What are Forehead and Brow Lifts?

Brow lift and forehead lift are interchangeable titles used to refer to the same procedure. This surgery is designed to restore the upper face to its original, youthful position. Brow lift surgery works by smoothing forehead wrinkles and opening the area of the eyes, making a person appear more alive and vibrant. It is frequently combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures, such as an upper and lower blepharoplasty, as well as various injectable treatments.

Who Is This Procedure for?

As we age facial skin begins to naturally lose elasticity and start to sag, the skin around the eyes is no different. With age, we begin to notice the appearance of crow’s feet, sagging eyelids, and other wrinkles. The eyebrows may start to sag downwards due to excessive skin. Fatty tissue may also gather either above or below the eyes. Vertical frown lines may appear between the brows, creating a “serious” or “sad” appearance. The forehead develops horizontal wrinkles and fine lines. If you have any of these issues, you may be an ideal candidate for a brow lift.

Forehead and brow lift target areas

How Do Brow Lift Procedures Work?

Dr. Connor offers endoscopic brow lift surgery, which is performed through tiny incisions using an endoscope (medical telescope). During the procedure, the skin and underlying musculature of the forehead are gently elevated and tightened, and any excess tissue is carefully excised. The eyebrows are also raised to a more youthful, natural position, helping to create a revitalized facial appearance. Endoscopic brow lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, requiring only a local anesthetic with twilight anesthesia. After treatment, patients are generally able to return home with assistance from a friend or loved one.

What Do Brow Lift Procedures Treat?

Brow lift procedures remove the excess skin and fat in the face, lifting the forehead and brow upwards. This procedure effectively smooths out the skin, treating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other similar imperfections. Though beneficial, a brow lift may not solve sagging eyelid issues. If that is also one of your concerns, you may consider a blepharoplasty along with your brow lift. For further skin rejuvenation and radiance, trying dermal fillers and BOTOX® may be beneficial. 

What to Expect During the Procedure

Some lifestyle adjustments may be necessary prior to your brow lift surgery. For instance, smoking may need to be stopped or curtailed prior to the surgery. Avoiding alcohol and certain medications may also be necessary to assure that the operation is carried out safely. If you regularly take an aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drug, Dr. Connor may ask you to stop taking these for a certain period of time before the surgery as well. A typical brow lift surgery can be completed in roughly two hours. During this time, MAC sedation and local anesthesia will be used to prevent pain. Patients will normally be allowed to go home following their procedure.

What Is Recovery Like After a Forehead or Brow Lift?

Some temporary swelling and/or bruising may occur initially, but the majority of women and men are able to return to regular, non-strenuous daily activities within one week of surgery. Most patients report little to no pain after their procedure, though if any discomfort is experienced, medication can help provide sufficient relief. In order to give the treatment area ample time to fully heal, Dr. Connor usually recommends refraining from strenuous activities for at least four weeks.

How Much Does This Surgery Cost?

Pricing for a brow lift varies from patient to patient based on the unique needs and goals of the individual. Additional components that can impact the overall expense include the skill and experience of the surgeon, as well as whether or not complementary treatments are performed simultaneously for further cosmetic enhancement. To provide a custom cost estimate for brow lift surgery, Dr. Connor will need to perform a thorough facial evaluation during an in-person consultation at our practice. At this time, he can detail all elements that factor into the total price of treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Forehead and Brow Lift Procedures?

As an expert surgeon, Dr. Connor can provide you with the information needed to determine whether your procedure is considered cosmetic or medical in nature. Any attempt by patients or physicians to have insurance pay for a cosmetic surgery is considered fraudulent and can result in termination of policy or loss of the insurance contract for the physician. This can potentially result in civil and criminal penalties.


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Forehead and Brow Lift Results

Forehead and Brow Lift in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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