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As part of that regimen, our VI Peel treatment is the least invasive methods for non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

VI peel

We believe that as you age, a quality skin care regimen is essential to maintaining a youthful and vibrant look. As part of that regimen, our VI Peel treatment is the least invasive methods for non-surgical skin rejuvenation.  We sat down with Dr. Connor to talk about the VI Peel and why his patients may want to add it to their beauty and skincare routine or line up.

What are the most common concerns you hear from patients?

Aging is definitely the number one concern patients come in with. Wrinkles, creases, age and sun spots, acne and a dull complexion are some of the top complaints. While aging is inevitable, how you age is not. I always tell our patients that we have the power to take control and manage the aging process. One of the tools in my anti-aging tool belt is the VI peel. It’s the next generation of chemical peels, virtually pain free with results seen in as little as seven days.

What is the Vi Peel?

The VI Peel restores your skin from a cellular level. It improves the tone and clarity of the skin, minimizes pore size, addresses age spots and hyper-pigmentation, and softens lines and wrinkles. It also reduces or eliminates acne scars and stimulates the production of collagen resulting in more youthful skin.

There are a few different types of VI Peels and we offer both the VI Peel and the VI Peel with Precision. The Precision is a stronger version of the VI Peel, ideal for addressing any stubborn pigmentation resulting from sun damage, melasma or age spots . It is 25% stronger than the VI Peel and has a higher concentration of ingredients.  During the consultation, we will determine the most appropriate peel for your skin type and to address your specific concerns. Many patients find the most optimal results are seen when a series of (3) peels are performed over the course of three months.

Our patients have also opted to use the VI Peel in conjunction with injectable treatments to maximize their aesthetic result.

What else do you love about the Vi Peel?

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The VI Peel is unique to many other chemical peels out there because it is formulated with various ingredients and blend of acids to help improve your skin on different levels. Many of the VI Peels have Vitamin C for brightening, salicylic acid for removing the dull, old skin, and Vitamin A which helps make the skin appear more youthful. It’s also cruelty and paraben-free which is a requirement for most patients these days.

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